Western Wildcat - Complete Set

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This is for a complete set of all three versions:

Mirage Version (front is a bright silver glitter, the back is a red translucent that highlights the white glitter stars)

The first photo shows the coin you will receive. All other photos of the sets are for reference only to show all three color versions minted.

About these coins...

Western Wildcat - 150 minted

“Tumbleweed” - 50 minted in black nickel finish, orange glitter front and glow in the dark stars on the back

“Lone Star” - 50 minted in black nickel, the front glows like a star in the desert sky, and the back glows to illuminate the glitter stars

“Mirage” - 50 minted in black nickel, the front is a glittery silver that resembles distant sand in the summer sun, and the back is a mix of red translucent and glittery white stars

These cats are trackable on the geocaching website, and feature their own unique icon. They measure 44mm tall and have a hole in the hat so they can be worn as a pendant, attached to a keychain, etc.