Urban Fit Munzee Sticker 10 pack

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The Reseller only Urban Fit Munzee sticker.  Sold in 10 packs.  

Cap: 40 - CapOn: 20 - Deploy: 50

When 15 UF are capped and/or deployed during an MHQ 24 hour day the player will earn a brand new item called a booster credit. (more details to follow)

Need some extra motivation to get moving? Our latest munzee comes with a special feature that you can unlock!

When 15 Urban Fitness Munzees are capped and/or deployed during an MHQ 24-hour day, the player will earn one 2x physical deploy booster credit. Players will be able to earn more than one multiplier credit a day each time they cap/deploy 15 Urban Fitness Munzees. This credit will not be able to be used at the moment, but it will be stored and available for use with our next app update, coming soon!