Space Coast RUMbot

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Limited to one per player name. You MUST add your player name to the box that says special instructions to the seller in order for these to be credited to your account. Add only one player name per order. Nothing else in the note field. No additional "my player name is". No player name no RUMbot. It is your responsibility to follow directions and add your player name, we will not be chasing you down to find out who to credit the item to.  
  • Deploy Points: 300
  • Capture Points: 200
  • CapOn Points: 100
  • Archives after 5 captures
  • Rebuild cost: 5 cogs
Landing pads:
  • (P) 0 | Greenies
  • (P) 3 stages of Treasure Chest Evo
  • Resellers
    • (P) All RUMs
    • (V) All Virtual RUMs
  • (V) All Virtual Colors
  • Treehouse
  • Skyland