Munzee Premium Membership

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Upgrade your existing Munzee account to a Premium Membership and enjoy a unique set of perks! For $30/year you will receive the following:

Goodies Received (once per year on the day purchased):

In-App Features Unlocked

  • Ability to view exclusive Premium Filters
    • Hide captured Munzees with red checkmarks from the map
    • Find special types or Munzees that will expire soon
  • Ability to customize Preset Filters
    • NEW: Preset Filter slots have increased from 5 to 10!
  • Ability to view a real-time Daily Leaderboard
  • Ability to upload photos to Munzees
  • Ability to earn/display special Titles
  • Ability to create Clans
  • Ability to hold an extra QRate
  • Ability to delete a QRate once per day
  • Ability to reroll Daily ZeeOps missions once per day
  • Ability to view caps/deploys for specific days on the Daily Activity Tracker
  • Ability to filter blasts to capture specific types
  • NEW: Ability to attract an extra bouncer from magnets
    • Non-Landing Pad Destination munzees (i.e. Greenies) will now attract 4 bouncers when magnetized
    • Landing Pad Destination munzees (i.e. Treehouses) will now attract 7 bouncers when magnetized

Additional Features Unlocked

  • Ability to view detailed Munzee activity stats collectively known as Statzee
  • Ability to receive email notifications when a new munzee is deployed

    See more details about each feature in our blog here:

    Once purchased, you will receive your Premium Munzee and other goodies in your credits list. Your new items and expanded stats will be immediately available on your account.  You may need to logout of your phone account and then log back in to see the status update.

    You will need to renew your membership after a year has passed to continue to receive the perks. All benefits and game pieces listed above will be given as well.