Longview Texas Hot Air Balloon Auto Deploy

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Purchases in this garden will be deployed when all pins have been sold. If this takes longer than 24 hours, pins will be deployed in batches based on order of purchase.

These virtual products are offered at a discounted price from regular Munzee pricing, thanks to a special reseller deal with MHQ. **This location was chosen by us, based on a good test environment that should receive high capons over time.

 Longview Texas USA

*Failure to follow instructions on which account is deploying can not be fixed by us. Please double check your order and the notes before completing the purchase.
**Future gardens could possibly be open for request via our social media page. We are waiting to see if this is going to be possible and honestly it depends on how this garden sale goes. Stay tuned for more info!
***Free Safe Travels card is delivered after your munzee is deployed, not at the time of purchase.

At launch this garden contained the following pins:  1 Garden POI, 1 Citrine, 2 Sir Prize Wheels, 17 Carrot evolution, 6 Chick evolution, 28 Electric Mystery, 37 Flat Lou, 32 Flat RUM, 2 Surprise, 14 Thoth Zodiac, 56 Virtual Color, 12 Sapphire, 34 SCGS RUMS, 5 Shamrock


If you would like to deploy nearby from your own inventory here is the map link: