Logwerk Logbook for Preform Containers

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Yes, those preform containers can last forever, but sometimes the logs just get full! 

Our friends at Logwerk not only made these handy replacement logbooks, they also printed them on RITR paper, just the way that we like them! 

Each logbook can accommodate about 160 happy smilies and even has some simple instructions for finders and muggles! Logbook measures just over 4".


  • Easily removed from narrow cache containers
  • Printed on  genuine Rite in the Rain Paper for water & wear resistance
  • Fan out design means no more folding or rolling
  • 40 pages
  • 160 plus log entries per book 
  • Low maintenance
  • No glue
  • No rolling necessary, easily replaced in the cache
  • Durable long lasting design
  • No “jamming” logbooks