I Had A Blast Cedar Rapids Personal Munzee Tag

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The personal munzee is similar to a social munzee, however it yields points and is tied to actual coordinates. The owner of a personal munzee is able to deploy up to 3 times per day in new locations by scanning the munzee where they would like it deployed. Once deployed the munzee is able to be captured up to one mile away. This allows a player to create a name tag, deploy at an event, then walk around the local area freely while still being able to be captured. A personal munzee may not be deployed more than 3 times per day, even with assistance from MHQ, so be careful. The personal munzee is exempt from proximity rules so it is able to be deployed at an event or in the middle of virtual fields, ANYWHERE you may meet another player and want to share your code.

Points: Owner deploy - 10 points (not earned each time it is deployed, transferred each time).  Player capture - mystery random points 10,15,20,25,30,35,40,45.  Owner residual points - Sum of 50 between player capture and residual.  Example: Player capture = 30, owner residual = 20. Total = 50