Geocoin-Pathtag page

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These pages measure 8 1/2" tall by 7 1/2" wide and are meant to fit our special books.  They will fit into a standard 3 ring binder but will only fit two rings.

Each page holds a different amount of either a geocoin or pathtag.  These pages fit into our Geocoin/Pathtag books.  Please choose what size you would like.  

4 inlay (holds 4 large coins)

6 inlay (holds 6 2" coins)

12 inlay (holds twelve 1.5" - 1.75" coins)

20 inlay (holds 20 pathtags or micro coins)

Each page has an insert that pulls out and you slide the coin or pathtag in from the side then slide it back in.  This keeps your coins from sliding out when looking at them.