Geocaching Pen & Lanyard Set

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We all know that one of the key parts of geocaching is signing that log book before you get your smilie. At Shop Geocaching, we feel the obligation to help this ritual by doing our best to make sure that when a Geocacher uses that pen, that there is ink going on to that log sheet.

We are always on the look out for the right TOTTs, and we think this pen is a great fit. This is a durable, long lasting pen made to write in the tougher conditions that Geocaching can sometimes offer. Get finding and logging the way our Founders intended!

Some Features:

  • High grade ballpoint cartridge
  • Designed to write on wet or greasy surfaces
  • Can handle the cold all the way down to -4 degrees Fahrenheit! (that is -20 Celsius for those who don't follow American temperatures)
  • Can write upside down!  (for those of you that think that if you are writing upside up that you aren't trying hard enough)
  • Long lasting: the ink doesn't solidify and will keep going until all of the ink is used

These are black ink pens that are approximately 5.5 inches long.

A Geocaching Lanyard is included.