Bison Xtra Small

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Super small, yet still big enough to take on a full length custom log sheet.  Roll it up and put it in the lid just like the big boys.

These are just about the same size as a quarter.  The width of the barrel is about the same size as a small or medium size bison.  Just shorter and harder to find.  How much harder?  Gi-normously.  Just wait until you read the logs from your used-to-be friends out there.

As usual, threaded barrel with an o-ring to keep out the bad stuff.  O-ring size is the same as our small bison so order extras if you need them.

A Rite in the Rain log sheet is included.

Length - 1.34" X Width 0.55"
Comes with a split ring attached for hanging
Custom Ready-to-hide log sheet.