Urban Fit Munzee Sticker 15 pack

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The Reseller only Urban Fit Munzee sticker.  Sold in 15 packs.  

Cap: 40 - CapOn: 20 - Deploy: 50

When 15 UF are capped and/or deployed during an MHQ 24 hour day the player will earn a brand new item called a booster credit. (more details to follow)

Need some extra motivation to get moving? Our latest munzee comes with a special feature that you can unlock!

When 15 Urban Fitness Munzees are capped and/or deployed during an MHQ 24-hour day, the player will earn one 2x physical deploy booster credit. Players will be able to earn more than one multiplier credit a day each time they cap/deploy 15 Urban Fitness Munzees.