Munzee Premium Membership

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Upgrade your existing Munzee account to a Premium Membership and enjoy a unique set of perks! For $30/year you will receive the following:

  • Premium Munzee - This munzee is only available to Premium members and is worth 200 deployment and 50 capture and 50 CapOn points. It is no longer a physical gold star, instead it is added to your Credits list so you are able to deploy it right now! This also saves shipping costs.
  • 1 Blast Cap
  • 110 Zeds and 1 QRowbar per month on the 15th of each month
    • Expanded user stats - Go behind the scenes with detailed munzee activity stats that you can view and share with other users
    • Email notifications when a new munzee is deployed near you
    • First access (usually distributed for free) to some brand new products
    • Multi User Login (3 users)
    • Daily Leaderboard with almost real-time stats
    • Titles
    • Ability to add pictures at location of Munzee (badge series to be earned)
    • Ability to Process All/Delete All in Offline Queue

    • Create Clans- The ability to create your own clan for Clan Wars

    Once purchased, you will receive your Premium Munzee, Butterfly, Colors, and Blast Capture in your credits list. Your new items and expanded stats will be immediately available on your account.  You may need to logout of your phone account and then log back in to see the status update.

    You will need to renew your membership after a year has passed to continue to receive the perks. All benefits and game pieces listed above will be given as well.

    Formerly a premium account received 4 virtuals and 1 social. This is no longer the case. Instead you receive the items listed above which are a better value.