October 2018: 13 Days Through 17 States

October 2018: 13 Days Through 17 States

We just completed our final extended road trip for 2018! This trip took us from Florida to New Jersey where we vended at the METRO Gathering MEGA geocaching event at Waterloo Village near Stanhope, NJ. This is our 4th year attending/vending at this event. It's always a good time and we actually have a chance to experience Fall...something we don’t get in Florida.

If you have not attended this event you really should look into it next year. It's a great location in a historical village and they really embrace the Halloween time of year. We attended the meet and greet on Friday night, vended all day on Saturday and took a day off on Sunday to enjoy Barb’s birthday with a little hiking and geocaching. We enjoyed hiking in 40 degree temps all day long!

From there we left New Jersey on our way to Texas for MH-Boo Bash, which is Munzee's big event at HQ each year. On our way to Texas we read about a Pumpkin festival in Louisville, KY.  We were planning a stop near there anyway for the night so we made this our destination. What an amazing experience! There were 5,000 pumpkins carved to specific themes all placed in a park on a nice trail in the woods. We highly recommend this to everyone. We also stopped in Texarkana for a cache and some munzees while standing in two states at one time. 

We made it to Texas Wednesday evening, then attended and vended on Friday night in an old vault in Historic Downtown McKinney. Saturday we helped Team Munzee run their store at Munzee HQ. Finally on Sunday we set up a pop-up shop in beautiful Celebration Park in Allen, TX. Munzee players from all across the world attended this weekend of events, and many good times were had.

We pulled out on Sunday and started the trip back to Florida. There were no stops along the way, just a long drive. The only stops we made were for gas, food and restroom breaks. Of course we also stopped to pull orders and ship orders anytime they came in.

After 13 days on the road, driving over 4,100 miles and passing through 17 states we we were ready to get home! 

November brings calm. We will be attending a GIFF event in Melbourne, FL on the 11th and hosting our Black Friday event on the 23rd.  We are always looking to fill in weekends for events.  Be sure to watch our Facebook page for random specials and always check our web site at spacecoastgeostore.com for items being added all the time.