New Items and Travel Updates

New Items and Travel Updates

Hey fans we are going to start trying to post a blog each Thursday announcing our travels, introducing new products or promoting recently added products to our new online store.  Thanks for reading! 

New Munzee Personal Tags:

This week our plans were taking us to the Cary, North Carolina area for several Munzee events.  Unfortunately Mother Nature decided we should stay in Florida instead.  Hurricane Florence is taking aim at the Carolina coast line.  So we want to introduce a couple items both new and back in stock personal munzee tags. 
Our popular series “I Had A Blast In” has a new addition.  I Had A Blast In North Carolina Personal Munzee Tags are now available in the new online store.  Also back in stock are the “There’s No Place Like Home” Personal Munzee Tags. 

Check out our full inventory of Munzee products under the category "Munzee"

New Geocaching Product Coming Soon:

For our Geocaching fans we have a brand new item coming out in the next few days.  A trackable license plate frame.  This frame will be available under the category "Geocaching Accessories" in our new online store.  Each one will have its own unique tracking code and we will be offering the option for custom names on the frames as well.  So keep an eye out for those.  

Woodbooger Geo Tour:

One last note from our travels this past weekend.  We attended the Woodbooger Geo Tour Kickoff event in Norton, VA.  If you find yourself near this area be sure to put this official Geo Tour on your to do list.  Barb and I spent Sunday completing the Tour and had a great time finding all the unique caches in the mountains of Norton.  For those of you that do not know what a woodbooger is, well in other parts of the country you may know it as the bigfoot, skunk ape or something else.  This Geo Tour is a must do and you not only will earn a cool coin but will also earn an official geo tour souvenir.