October Travel Schedule and More!

October Travel Schedule and More!

Going Caching MEGA Event Recap:

Have you ever attended this event?  If not this is a MUST DO event. This is more than just a Geocaching event with friends. This is an entire production from start to finish complete with escape rooms, a costume ball dance party, gadget caches and more.
An unprecedented 9 Groundspeak Lackey’s attended Going Caching event this year including Signal the Frog. This year's event theme was Haunted, a perfect way to kick off Fall. Next year will be a fan-favorite Pirate themed.  You can be sure it will be over the top again next year. We have been vending at this event since the beginning only missing the very first one. This year was an extremely rare 90+ degree temps with high humidity making it one of the hottest Going Caching events in history. We have also vended in 30 degree temps at this event so you just never know. The crew for this event is simply amazing.  

Where in the world will you spot us next?

We are headed to Spartanburg, SC this weekend for a Munzee event. We return back to Florida on Sunday and have a couple of days to prepare for our next big trip. We then leave for Stanhope, NJ where we will be vending at the Metro Gathering MEGA event. This is another halloween themed event that takes place in an awesome historical area.  Always a good time.
We then leave straight from NJ and head to McKinney, TX where Munzee HQ is located.  They are hosting their annual MHQ Bash (Halloween themed) attracting players from all over the world.  This is one of the largest Munzee events to take place each year. 
Event Schedule:
10/13: Spartanburg, SC- Munzee Event
10/20: Stanhope, NJ- Metro Gathering MEGA Event
10/26-28: McKinney, TX- MH-Boo Bash

Seattle Geocoins & More:

One final item we want to remind you about is our GCMini set of trackable coins.  These Seattle Landmark coins are individually trackable at geocaching.com and showcase 5 places of interest throughout the Seattle area.  Get your set today.  Use the following code 7Q4G351595RF to receive a 10% discount on your complete set of Seattle Landmark GCMini’s. You can purchase those HERE! 
Finally be sure to check out our Halloween collection in the store!  We have a lot of new Halloween themed items, sure to scare even the bravest of cachers! Check out that collection HERE!